!!! Personalised Board with Spreader & Burlap Bag

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!!! Personalised Board with Spreader & Burlap Bag 

Please check stock availability before you buy if you want specific design.

Auction is for one board only.

Ideal Gift for Wedding, Marriage Anniversary, House Warming etc.

Board Size 225 X 180 X 15 mm (Few mm tolerance)

Selection of emblem on board and spreader

Ideal gift comes with Burlap Bag

Please check out my other listing for engraving ideas.

Plain Board -



Star Fish -

Gecko - Out of Stock

Turtle - Out of Stock

Sea Horse - Out of Stock

Mermaid - Out of Stock

Grape vine - Out of Stock

Please check availability of particular design before buy.

Products will be prepared once payment credited in our account. It need two working days to prepare product.

All products are prepared by engraving or annealing. Colour of the engraving depends on materials.

Please check my other listing for personalised gift ideas and products.

Don't forget to check the feedbacks.                                                                              

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