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  • Personalised Key ring Importance

    Posted on by Noble Origami

    The most commonly lost items are house and car keys. There are millions of keys get lost every year around the world.

    It will cost hundreds of dollars to make duplicate remote car keys. New key less car keys even cost much more.

    Most of the time person wants to find the key owner and return the keys but due to lack of informatioin expensive and important keys endup in rubbish bin.

    Personalised Key chain/ring will increase the chances to recover your lost keys. Key chain/ring can be personalised by annealing or engraving. It is best practice to use mobile number or email address when personalise the key chain/ring.

    When someone found your keys with personalised key chain/ring, they can easily contact you and by exchanging locations it can be return. 

    It is very important not to engrave house address, landline number or car registration number on key chain/ring.

    It is common for senior citizen to loose their keys. Most of senior citizen don't use mobile and email services. Senior citizen can engrave their kids mobile number or email address. Even senior citizen can use the rest home phone number.

    It is good to gift personalised key chain/ring to senior citizen parents, grand parents and younger kids.

    Engraving and annealing on metal is long lasting itching process. Personalised metal key chain/rings will last for long and some times forever.


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